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A Symbol of Hope

Boy learning with headphones on

For many families, the Child Study Center at Cook Children's symbolizes hope. It offers parents help and answers to longtime questions about their child's behavior. It could be a diagnosis from one of our developmental pediatricians, enrolling in the applied behavioral analysis (ABA) program for children with autism or attending the Jane Justin School for children with developmental and learning disabilities and related behavior disorders.

No matter the diagnosis, the Child Study Center focuses on helping each child reach their fullest potential. After nearly 55 years of collaborating with Cook Children's, Child Study Center officially joined Cook Children's Health Care System in 2017. The children seen at the Child Study Center often have complex diagnoses with both medical and behavioral challenges. By joining the Cook Children's family, the staff at the Child Study Center can now better collaborate with Cook Children's doctors, as they continue to take an individualized approach to treating each child.

Success looks different for each family, and it is life-changing for each one. It could be a young girl in the ABA program who once refused to have her teeth brushed who is now brushing her teeth after every meal. Or a young boy treated by one of our psychologists who couldn't leave his house because of anxiety, but now regularly ventures out into the world. At the Jane Justin School, it could be celebrating the return of one of their students to a traditional education setting after learning the skills needed to be successful there.

For children with complex behavior, developmental or learning disabilities, early intervention is essential. But for many families, finances can be a significant barrier to their child receiving the care they need.

Two-thirds of the children seen at the Child Study Center are from low- to moderate-income families. The cost of care and services for these patients can total $10 million throughout a child's life. This is where the generosity of the community makes a difference.

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