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Doctor Richard Roberts

Guided by Cook Children's core values, safety, caring, integrity, collaboration, innovation and giving, Cook Children's Corporate Coach and Director of our Employee Leadership Program Randi McKinney plays a unique role in helping our employees deliver on our Promise every day.

Randi came to Cook Children's in 2000, at the urging of a friend and Cook Children's employee. With a master's degree in Education, specializing in counseling, from Texas Christian University, Randi was naturally drawn to the newly created role of educational coordinator.

A major part of Randi's new position was to work with a leadership steering committee to create Cook Children's University for learning and leadership enrichment. The goal of the program is to invest in the success of our employees, both individually and as teams.

With the help of her own team, which has grown from one to four employees over the past 17 years, Randi continues to develop Cook Children's University. This program offers personalized coaching, management, leadership and professional enrichment courses and customized teambuilding and learning opportunities.

"Randi was an integral part of my training as a new manager," said Christy Morehead, manager of Cook Children's Family Services department. "It's not unusual to compare yourself to other managers as a wayto measure success. Randi taught me to focus on my own contribution and purpose to reach fulfillment. I've been able to share this message with new managers along the way. I still utilize Randi as a resource and ask for guidance when navigating challenges that seem impossible."

Working in health care can often be challenging and emotionally charged, especially when working to heal and help sick children. Some of the classes offered through Cook Children's University include Compassion Fatigue, Coaching for Engagement and Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence and Generational Differences. These classes are designed to inspire selfawareness and action on the part of the participant. "I bring a conversation to people," said Randi. "When people feel heard and are learning in that conversation, that is where the growth happens. There are so many success stories. And I am not the one that makes that happen. It's whoever has come to me, whatever team has come to me. It happens collaboratively and the key is being present for each person. Every success story is because someone takes action."

In addition to Cook Children's University, Randi's team also facilitates new employee orientation, ensuring that new staff members are set up for success from day one, as they begin their careers at Cook Children's.

When Randi came to Cook Children's, she was looking for a role with purpose and meaning and she definitely found that. "When I think about what everyone does to make this the place that it is, it's inspiring," said Randi. "I cannot think of a place more rewarding to work."

It's just as rewarding today, as it was 17 years ago.

"Many say the best leaders, teachers and coaches are great story tellers; however, the gift that makes Randi an exceptional leader, teacher and coach is her ability to listen to people's stories – listen without judging and listen to understand. Her warmth, humility and genuineness create connection and trust.

Cook Children's University was started by Randi. She designed and developed all of the early classes and most of the current offerings. I think Randi's favorite course to teach is Emotional Intelligence because she can see the impact it has on the participants and their relationships with others. Though her classes usually have a waiting list and her individualized team sessions are in high demand, Randi spends much of her time providing individual coaching for Cook Children's physicians and staff. Her talent for helping others enhance their communication skills and her skill in guiding and supporting personal and professional growth is a gift that truly keeps on giving."