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Connecting Through Virtual Concerts

Virtual concerts

Being in the hospital can feel isolating anytime, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing can make young patients feel even more alone. Before the novel coronavirus, patients were able to leave their hospital rooms and enjoy activities in the Cook Children's Child Life Zone (CLZ) and other areas of the medical center. Since the spring, our staff have had to find innovative ways to bring activities and entertainment to patients and families.

"We've really had to change the way we do things," said Jill Koss, director of Family Support Services and Child Life at Cook Children's. "The goal of Child Life is to help patients and their families work through any fears and anxieties they have about being in the hospital, and giving them tools to cope with that fear. For patients that may find themselves in isolation due to COVID-19 testing, we are meeting many of those needs virtually."

The Child Life Zone uses its closed TV station, CLZ-TV Channel 2, to stream directly to the TVs in patients' rooms. They've ramped up their broadcasting schedule, now hosting several game shows each day that allow patients to call in from their rooms to play along. CLZ is also teaming up with Hear Fort Worth, a division of Visit Fort Worth, to bring the magic of music straight to patient rooms.

"We are honored to work with the tremendous staff at Cook Children's Medical Center," said Mitch Whitten, executive vice president of marketing and strategy at Visit Fort Worth. "Music can inspire and bring hope during trying times and we are grateful to our local musicians for donating their time and talents. Music is an integral part of our city's culture."

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