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Dr. Palmer with patient Ozias

Blake Palmer, M.D., is a familiar face at Cook Children’s Medical Center, and he wears a couple different hats around our system. Dr. Palmer joined Cook Children’s in 2016 and is now the medical director of our Pediatric Urology program. He’s also the surgical director of the Renal Transplant program, so he oversees all the kidney transplants under our blue peaks. He specializes in using the da Vinci® robotic-assisted surgical system, which allows him to facilitate minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Palmer, a graduate of the College of Medicine at University of Oklahoma, enjoys the more challenging kidney transplant cases that come through his door.

"About half of these kids are urology kids, as well,” said Dr. Palmer. “Their diagnosis isn’t something that affected their kidneys directly. It’s some kind of bladder anomaly or bladder process. We spend a lot of time in urology trying to prevent kidney damage and avoiding the need for a kidney transplant."

Dr. Palmer became heavily involved in kidney transplantation during his training. He enjoyed it because it allowed him to stay with more of his patients throughout their longer medical journeys. If one of his urology patients ends up in need of a kidney transplant, Dr. Palmer is the one to do it.

"Having that long-term continuity of care is something that I really do like,” said Dr. Palmer. “When I talk with families who are here for bladder reconstruction or maybe cancer, I like being able to say, 'I’m going to be there to see you guys through this and not just while you’re in the hospital, but for anything that comes up along the way.'' I want to be a part of continuing that relationship."

Always up for a challenge, Dr. Palmer considers West Texas to be Cook Children’s next frontier and makes trips out there frequently.

"It’s an incredibly important area, especially for pediatric urology," said Dr. Palmer. "In all of West Texas, there are two specialists in Lubbock. As the Promise says, it’s our duty to take care of all of the kids in this region and to provide them with the highest level of care available. This just isn’t available in most of these communities."

Dr. Palmer is driven to help as many families as he can, and he knows that’s only possible with the help of his coworkers and fellow medical professionals.

"We have a great team that’s committed to growing not only the volume, but the quality of the care that we’re providing," said Dr. Palmer.

And that appreciation is mutual.

"Dr. Palmer is an awesome physician to work with,” said Julie Barrow, RN, CPN, a Cook Children’s renal transplant coordinator. "He values each team member’s input equally, no matter their title, and that is very important to me. He has been a great addition to our team."

We are grateful to have Dr. Palmer and his entire team at Cook Children’s, as their priorities align quite perfectly with our Promise.

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