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A Look Toward the Future

Child Study teacher with students

The life of a typical young adult may involve learning to drive, going to college or finding a job. They are all natural steps, as they progress though life. But those steps aren't always givens for students at the Jane Justin School at the Child Study Center at Cook Children's.

These students are diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities and the transition from school to life outside of school can be a challenge.

Through the school's Job Preparation program, teachers help the students identify their skills and preferences with the goal of having local businesses offer the students volunteer, internship and job shadowing opportunities. This part of the program is exciting for the students as they prepare to go into the “real world,” but there's one thing that stands in their way … transportation.

Many of the students have not yet learned to drive and the Child Study Center doesn't have the resources to transport students to the local businesses. Right now, the only off-site opportunity for students to work or volunteer is the Tarrant Area Food Bank. In order for the program to expand, the transportation issue needed to be solved.

That's when our friends at Mindy's Hope stepped up to help

Mindy's Hope generously agreed to purchase a 15-passenger van for the school. While it may seem small, the van is a symbol that we believe in these students and their ability to live successfully upon graduating the Jane Justin School.

“Getting these students into the community is a major component to addressing the goals of independent living and helping these students identify the kinds of occupations they might want to hold,” said Matt Robison, director of the Child Study Center at Cook Children's. “We are incredibly grateful to the Mindy's Hope for helping to make this happen.”

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