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United by the vision of a world where children are free from cancer and blood diseases.

The challenges are great as we reach to serve patients in more areas, carry out complex care and perform more stem cell transplants. With the excellent collaboration amongst our staff and across related specialties such as neurosciences, the Heart Center, endocrinology, orthopedics, and other medical and support services patients may need, it is a task we can achieve with pride.

We have also reached beyond our walls to collaborate with great institutions within our region, as well as nationally ... and even internationally ... to expand our research opportunities and bring the best therapies back home. An outstanding example of our collaborative success is our MIBG suite. One of only six MIBG facilities in the nation and the only one in Texas and the Southwest, we are able to offer a new era of treatment – and hope – for neuroblastoma patients, right here at home. This facility also creates access for children in nearby states so their families don't have to travel quite so far for this groundbreaking treatment.

The cooperative nature of the hematology and oncology program at Cook Children's has helped to further elevate our Stem Cell program to one of the more diverse and experienced pediatric transplant programs in the Southwest. We are also active participants in the Children's Oncology Group and the Treatment Advances in Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Consortium (TACL).We participate in the current St. Jude Children's Research Hospital acute myeloblastic leukemia treatment protocol and brain tumor trials, and additional consortiums for Phase I through III trials with other leading institutions. We also partner with University of North Texas locally for laboratory research and are members of the Texas-Oklahoma Pediatric Neuro-Oncology consortium (TOPNOC)

We're all in this together

Children's Oncology Group (COG)The Children's Oncology Group (COG) research has turned children's cancer from a virtually incurable disease 50 years ago to one with a combined 5-year survival rate of 80% today. Our philosophy is in alignment with the COG's ultimate goal: to cure all children and adolescents with cancer, reduce the short and long-term complications of cancer treatments, and determine the causes and find ways to prevent childhood cancer.

But collaboration doesn't stop here. It also means partnering with the most important group of all, the patients and families at Cook Children's. After all, that's why we're here ... to unite in the fight against cancer, to treat and cure as many kids as possible, and to bring hope and caring to each day of even the most difficult journeys.

That means bringing as much childhood as possible into each day, which we do through our Child Life services, Child Life Zone, onsite library, arts therapies and more. Our social services team is available around the clock to help families deal with the day-to-day and long-term challenges they face. And we even have special programs just for siblings.

Working closely with patients in programs like our Life After Cancer Program and Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) program provides the firsthand feedback we need to help ensure that our highly trained specialists meet the holistic needs of our patients during and long after their treatments and therapies.

Finally, we join with the community to make a difference through large and small efforts. From Ronald McDonald House, to community events, to the generosity of philanthropy, we are all contributing to better outcomes today ... and to a cancer-free future. Together we are making a difference.

We are here to help.

If your child has been diagnosed, you probably have lots of questions. We can help. If you would like to schedule an appointment, refer a patient or speak to our staff, please call our offices at 682-885-4007.