Improving patient satisfaction, one admission at a time

Nurse with patientIn the Emergency Department (ED), we are always looking for ways to expedite patient throughput. When patients are being admitted, we want to get them out of the ED and to a floor as soon as possible. This, along with improving employee and patient satisfaction, is one of our Nursing team’s strategic goals.

To that end, we have created the ED admission and discharge nurse role. Additionally, this nurse is seen as an ambassador to the ED, which meant a very thorough candidate selection process. We looked for an intra-departmental candidate with a high proficiency in ED nursing care.

Once the first position was filled, we started our initial journey with an investigation into the patient admissions process of the departments with the highest ED admission rate. We also met with the nurses on the floor to observe their process.

As a result, we identified the key data elements that are part of the inpatient admissions process that the admission and discharge nurse will complete. The new admission and discharge nurse now helps patient families through our admission process by starting paperwork and moving the patient from the ED to a floor. As such, families feel like progress is being made. They aren’t sitting around waiting in the ED. This also helps relieve some of the paperwork burden from the admitting nurse.

We now have four admission and discharge nurses. We will continue to measure our metrics to ensure we are positively impacting patient, family and employee satisfaction.