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Companion Care Restroom

mother with teen in companion care bathroom

For parents and caregivers of older children or teens with limited mobility, something as necessary as using the restroom can be a major challenge. To help lighten the burden, Cook Children's offers a companion care restroom specifically designed to meet your and your child's needs.

What is a companion care restroom?

Companion care restrooms are designed to ensure parents and caregivers have a comfortable place to care for the specific bathroom needs of an older child or teen who has limited mobility. These restrooms go beyond what can be provided in the wheelchair accessible stalls in public restrooms or in the family friendly restrooms.

The companion care restroom has a powered, height-adjustable, adult-sized changing table. This makes changing your older child or teen much easier. This restroom provides:

  • A clean, safe place where parents/caregivers can change older children/teens
  • A changing table that can hold up to 400 pounds and moves up and down electronically to make transfers from a wheelchair easier
  • Space for a parent/caregiver, patient and wheelchair to move around
  • A toilet for parents/caregivers

Who can use the companion care restroom?

Because there is only one companion care restroom on the medical center campus, we ask that it be kept free for those with mobility challenges. There are family friendly and public restrooms located throughout the medical center that include wheelchair access for those with mobility.

Companion care restroom location

The restroom is located on the first floor of the medical center, next to the Build-A-Bear Workshop facing Starbucks.

Map with companion care restroom locator

Looking for family friendly restrooms?

Family friendly restrooms are located in the medical center as well. These restrooms are designed to enable parents/caregivers who are not the same gender as the child to safely and easily use the restroom. Family friendly restrooms can accommodate a wheelchair and they do have a diaper changing table to accommodate infants and toddlers. Please keep in mind that there is currently only one companion restroom and we request that it be kept free for parents and caregivers who have older children or teens with mobility challenges.