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School Program

Teacher with patient

For children and teens, school is an important part of life. It's where they learn, form their social skills and begin to develop a sense of independence. Keeping up with schoolwork feels familiar and can help things seem a little more "normal" during their stay here at Cook Children's. Plus, it eases their fears of falling behind.

Because we recognize the importance of school work for our young patients, Cook Children's partners with Fort Worth Independent School District to make sure that school services are provided to eligible patients while in the hospital setting. Teachers are trained to work specifically with children and teens who are eligible to receive school services and:

  • May have a chronic or complex diagnosis.
  • Are experiencing an extended hospitalization.
  • Have sustained a life threatening injury.

Whether attending a session in the patient classroom on the first floor, or at the bedside, students receive one-on-one services to better assist them in keeping up with their school work.

For more information about whether your child qualifies for school services, or to get more details on the program, please contact the Child Life specialist assigned to your unit.