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Patient and Family Support Services

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Being a parent is hard sometimes, but you’re not alone. Cook Children’s Neighborhood clinics have extra resources and support staff in place to help you navigate the healthcare system and community resources.

Family Advocates: We’re here to help!

Family Advocates are Neighborhood Clinic staff members that are here to provide extra support to your child and family. Family Advocates can help with:

  • Navigating the Cook Children’s Healthcare System
  • Financial, food and other community resources
  • Behavioral health referrals
  • Medicaid applications and questions
  • Early childhood services
  • Other questions or concerns about how to find resources for your family

If your child or family needs extra help, call your pediatrician’s office and ask to speak to a family advocate.

Speak to your advocate today

McCart Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-2346

The Morris Foundation Center for Innovation in Children's Health

Phone: 817-347-2346

Northside Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-2228

Arlington Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-2261

Richland Hills Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-2261

Miller Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-3705

Renaissance Neighborhood Clinic

Phone: 817-347-3705

Helpful resources

Below are a few links to resources that might help your family. For help navigating these resources, or for more information on community resources in your area, please call your pediatrician’s office and ask to speak to a family advocate.

Health information and health care benefits:

Food, transportation and financial help:

Behavioral health services:

Family safety and child abuse prevention: