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Behavioral Health

Childhood has many highs and lows for a family, there are challenges at every age and stage. Sometimes it's hard to tell if your child is really struggling or going through normal phases for their age. So how do you know when to seek help?

If your child’s struggles and behaviors are causing distress to them and to your family, interfering with daily activities at home and/or school and last a few weeks or longer then your child may benefit from Behavioral Health services.

What are Behavioral Health services?

Behavioral Health services are a specialized part of health care and community services designed to help take care of a person's mental and emotional wellbeing. At Cook Children's our goal is to help your child and your family with a variety of issues ranging from child rearing, behavioral challenges and development to adjustment with divorce, or more chronic issues such as mood disorders and abuse/trauma intervention.

How do I know if my young child needs behavioral health care?

Your child may benefit from behavioral health services if they

  • Have frequent tantrums or is very irritable
  • Are struggling at school with behavior issues, failing grades
  • Often talks about worries and fears
  • Don't want to be separated from you, refuses to go to school
  • Complain about headaches or stomachaches often with no medical cause
  • Struggle with concentrating, sitting still, and focusing
  • Have frequent nightmares, struggles with sleeping too much or too little
  • Have difficulty making friends or is not interested in playing with other children

How do I know if my preteen or teenager needs behavioral health care?

Your teen may benefit from behavioral health services if they:

  • Have lost interest in things they used to enjoy
  • Are isolating and avoiding social interaction with family and friends
  • Have low energy, sleep too much or too little
  • Engage in self-harm behaviors (cutting or burning their skin)
  • Engage in risky behaviors (using drugs/alcohol, sexual activity)
  • Are skipping school or failing classes
  • Have thoughts of suicide
  • Have significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Have increased anger and defiant behaviors
  • Have drastic changes in mood

Accessing behavioral health services for your child

Our Neighborhood Clinics are staffed by an excellent team of licensed behavioral health specialists. If you think your child might need to talk to someone about their thoughts and emotions, talk to your pediatrician about a referral.

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