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School and Sports Physicals

Playing sports is a great way to have fun and stay fit. And anyone who has played sports knows that you have to pay some extra attention to your health. If you play team sports, you may have had a sports physical. A sports physical is a visit to the doctor to make sure you're in good enough shape to play the sport you want to play.

There are two main parts to a sports physical: your medical history and the physical exam.

Your medical history includes questions about illnesses and injuries you have had, such as asthma or a broken leg. It is important to know about medical problems that run in your family or any medicines you take on a daily basis. For example, has anyone in your family had heart trouble? Another important question is whether you've ever passed out, felt dizzy, or felt pain in your chest while running or playing. You should fill out the form with your mom or dad so the answers are the same. Your doctor may ask additional questions during the exam.

During the physical exam, the doctor may:

  • Measure your height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Check eyesight and hearing.
  • Test urine.
  • Examine your body from head to toe.
  • Offer appropriate vaccinations and routine blood examination.

This is also your chance to discuss any other questions you have about your health and playing sports.