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Single Patient Rooms

Single patient rooms

As part of our advanced care, Cook Children's is one of only a handful of NICUs nationwide to provide single patient rooms. Our state-of-the-art NICU features 99 rooms and 106 beds to provide the full spectrum of specialized, intensive care services for newborns and infants.

Studies show that premature and medically fragile babies heal and grow faster when they're in a more controlled environment where lighting, noises and distractions are kept to a minimum. Single patient rooms also make it possible for parents to stay with their baby as long as they want. Our goal is for you to participate in the care of your baby as much as possible. Parents aren't treated as just visitors in our unit. Here, you're a part of the team and your presence is an important part of your baby's care.

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What makes us even more unique is that our rooms are designed so that twins, triplets and quadruplets can stay together in one room. This reduces stress on you and your babies. And the accommodations in all of our rooms are designed for efficiency in a supportive environment.

Our NICU accommodations include:

  • Rocker recliner in each room to encourage skin-to-skin care. This is beneficial for the baby's brain activity, heart rate and stress level. It also helps mom and baby bond.
  • A parent sofa that folds out to a bed.
  • In-room breast pump so mom can stay at her baby's bedside while pumping.
  • A milk bank with storage to help and encourage mothers to provide the best nutrition for their babies.
  • Parent-controlled lighting in each room so baby can experience better rest for healing and growth.
  • Showers, laundry, Internet access and a parent lounge where families can store food.
  • Sibling orientation staffed by Child Life specialists, to help include brothers and sisters in the care of the new baby.
  • A weekly family support group to help families connect and learn from each others' experiences.

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If you are interested in scheduling a tour of our NICU, please call 682-885-4375. You can find information on how to refer a patient or other NICU contact information here.