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Multispecialty team with mom and NICU patient

Fragile and premature babies can sometimes have very complex conditions. When those situations arise, it is important to have quick access to testing, diagnosis and treatment, which in many cases can be life-saving. Babies in intensive care may also require multiple specialists during — and even after — their stay

Cook Children's is one of the largest independent pediatric health care systems in the nation. Our focus is on treating and curing illnesses, injuries and congenital and acquired defects. As part of our commitment to our patients to have the best medical options available and easily accessible, we work closely with other Cook Children's pediatric specialists across all of our specialties. Some of our most common collaborations include:

Your child's team may also include dietitians, child life specialists, social workers, physical therapists and a variety of care teams throughout our system. We'll also work with you on everything from lactation and milk banking, to understanding any specialized care your baby may need after discharge.

We're all in this together

But collaboration doesn't stop here. It also means partnering with the most important group of all, you and your family. After all, that's why we're here ... to treat and care for the tiniest and most fragile babies and help families through each day of the most difficult journeys.

We believe in an individualized approach and encourage you to participate in your child's care at a level that is comfortable for you. Because we know that having a critically ill child can feel very overwhelming, our neonatal team will work with you on things like holding and feeding your baby when possible. We also offer educational materials and resources to help you feel more confident in caring for your child.

Parent resources and education

NEST Developmental Follow-up Center

Babies who arrive early or are born with serious or complex medical conditions may grow and develop more slowly. Most will catch up in time. But some preemies and babies who are born with serious medical conditions have a higher risk of future challenges with hearing, seeing, talking, feeding, motor skills and intellectual development. Early intervention can help reduce the risk and improve your child's developmental progress. Cook Children's NEST Developmental Follow-up Center provides support, planning and care coordination for these high-risk NICU babies.

Neonatal developmental help is here

Care beyond our walls

The same superior commitment to caring for kids at the medical center is found all across North Texas. Cook Children's offers care for all children, through:

We're here to help.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour of our NICU, please call 682-885-4375. You can find information on how to refer a patient or other NICU contact information here.