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Preparing for Your Visit

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We understand that planning for your baby's stay at Cook Children's NICU can be a very stressful time, especially if you have to make some very important decisions in a very short amount of time. The following checklist and resources can help to ease your decision-making process and make your preparation, arrival, and stay go more smoothly.

Insurance information

  • Research your insurance benefits.
  • Contact your insurance company and find out if Cook Children's services are covered under your insurance plan.
  • Tell your insurance company that you are choosing Cook Children's NICU to care for your newborn.
  • Call your employer's benefits department if you have additional questions after speaking to your insurance company. Some plans may have a higher out of pocket or patient responsibility depending on your plan and employer.
  • Tell your doctor that you have chosen Cook Children's for your baby's care.
  • Add your newborn to your insurance.
  • After your baby is born, contact your insurance company within 30 days to add him/her to your plan.
  • Research and select your pediatrician.

Cook Children's has contracts with the following health care insurance companies, and we are committed to growing this list. We want to be sure that every family and child in our community has the coverage they need to get and stay healthy.

Did you know that Cook Children's also offers a health plan that may help you access the care you need? Learn more about Cook Children's Health Plan here.

Choosing our NICU

Whether you have a high-risk pregnancy or the unexpected has happened, deciding on which NICU to choose can be overwhelming. If you're dealing with a very rare condition, such as hyperinsulinism, you'll want a NICU and neonatology program that also specializes in the care your baby will need. Cook Children's Level IV NICU offers the highest level of care and is supported by some the nation's finest neonatal and pediatric specialists. We invite you to learn more or, if time permits, schedule a tour.

Our Level IV NICU
Schedule a NICU tour

We're here to help.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour of our NICU, please call 682-885-4375. You can find information on how to refer a patient or other NICU contact information here.