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Appointments and Referrals

Appointment with neurologist

If you would like to schedule an appointment, refer a patient or speak to our staff, please call our offices at 682-885-2500.

Insurance information

Cook Children's has contracts with the following health care insurance companies, and we are committed to growing this list. We want to be sure that every family and child in our community has the coverage they need to get and stay healthy.

Did you know that Cook Children's also offers a health plan that may help you access the care you need? Learn more about Cook Children's Health Plan here.

Confirm and update patient information in your MyCookChildren's patient portal

If your child has an upcoming appointment that requires forms and information to be completed or updated, you can now do so before your appointment, in your MyCookChildren's portal account.

Simply login to your child's MyCookChildren's account, select 'Visits' and then the green 'eCheck-In' icon for your child's upcoming appointment. From there, you can fill out the necessary forms needed. This process from start to finish should take less than 20 minutes and will shorten your time in our office. Please note: the forms and questionnaires are specific to who your appointment is with and what is needed for that type of appointment. Even if you recently updated forms, there may be new items to complete that are specific for this appointment.

Important phone numbers for referring physicians

Emergency referral/admission

For emergency referrals, call 1-682-885-3901 or 1-800-543-4878

Please have the following patient information ready:

  • Patient's name and date of birth
  • Reason for admission
  • Admission type, such as observation or inpatient
  • Special needs of patient, such as isolation or equipment
  • Patient's medical history

Referral Process for Cook Children's Neuro-Rehab Unit

  1. Identify child needing rehab and whether he/she is receiving at least 2-3 therapies and has the potential to tolerate 3 hours of therapy a day
  2. Call rehab manager (Kendra Stubbs, DPT) at 682-885-6443; if out of office call case manager at 682-885-2982
  3. Fax the following information to: 682-885-4155 Attention: Case Manager
    • Facesheet with ICD-10 codes
    • History and physical
    • Last 3 days medical progress notes and PT, ST, OT notes
    • Imaging reports
    • List of consulting services
    • Medication list
    • Procedure list
    • Tracheostomy - yes or no
    • Gastrostomy - yes or no
    • Ongoing monitoring? For example: labs, scans
    • Medical point of contact for Nurse Practitioner to call
  4. Once benefits are verified, we can come evaluate the child if indicated.
  5. Family will need to decide on our facility (strongly encourage them to visit facilities if choosing), before our case manager can start the preauthorization process.
  6. Once we have preauthorization:
    • A doc-to-doc call needs to occur. Our case manager will facilitate this.
    • A Transfer Summary needs to be faxed PRIOR to transfer: 682-885-6433 Attention: Neurology Nurse Practitioner.
    • A Discharge Summary and Disk of all imaging needs to come with the patient.
    • The referring facility needs to get a pre-cert for transport and set up transportation.
    • Call 682-885-4000 and ask for the House Supervisor to set up the MOT.
    • Nurse-to-Nurse Report: 682-885-7422
  7. We accept transfers Monday-Thursday.

Request patient records form

Virtual medicine and telehealth

Specialty care is now as close as your computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. Cook Children's specialty clinics throughout North Texas are equipped with cameras, microphones, TV monitors and specialized equipment, which means patient families can receive consultations and exams in real time without having to go to the inconvenience or expense of traveling far from home. Telemedicine provides coordinated care and ease of access that patient families in outlying areas otherwise wouldn't have.

Based on the diagnosis, a patient may have to be seen in person for an initial visit. Contact us at 682-885-2500for information on our telemedicine services.

International referrals

Our highly skilled physicians cover more than 30 specialties and subspecialties, which allows your patients to receive outstanding care, all in one place. Our International Patient Services team will review each case and recommend the best treatment plan for a child visiting Cook Children's.

If you'd like to refer an international patient, need assistance or have questions, our staff is here to help at +1-682-885-INTL (+1-682-885-4685).

Quick reference guide and specialty contacts

For a listing of referral contacts by department you can view, download and/or print our quick reference contact guide by clicking here.

Find a specialist. Looking for a particular specialist or specialty location? Here is our complete physician directory.