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Dodson Neuro Research Endowment

The Dodson Neuro Research Endowment was created in 2018 and will establish a firm financial foundation, providing for patients and families at Cook Children's long after the initial gift was made.

In an endowment contribution, the funds donated are never spent. Instead, the gift is conservatively invested by the nonprofit institution. The interest the funds earn annually are used to support service programs year after year. Endowment dollars are vital because they generate income to sustain the highest quality of patient care, education and research. Gifts to this endowment will make an impact that will last beyond the donor's lifetime, providing for future generations.

The goal of the Dodson Neuro Research Endowment is to create a team of dedicated research staff to work closely with faculty on study design, data analysis, and publication of results. This team will support work serving as the foundation of future research endeavors to ensure the Cook Children's is appropriately recognized as a leader in pediatric neuroscience care. Improving the research infrastructure of Neurosciences will lead to increasing collaborations with other prominent centers and improved quality of investigator-initiated studies; both would ultimately lead to increased grant funding to further propel research endeavors going forward.

Neuroscience research endeavors will focus on the following areas:

Donors can contribute to this endowment funding and make an impact that will last beyond their lifetime, providing for future generations.

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