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The Baby Book

Baby's don't come with an instruction guide, so our pediatricians created one. The Cook Children's baby book is designed to help new parents like you navigate those first few months of life.

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What's In the Book

This is the resource new parents have been wishing for. In the book, you'll find information on the things new moms and dads worry about, like what to do in an emergency. Learn about your baby's behavior (why do some babies cry a lot?). There's also information on sleep, safety, feeding, bathing and even practical parenting advice.

The content is based on all the questions and concerns new parents have discussed with our pediatricians over the years. There's even a space for you to write down any concerns you want to discuss on your baby's next visit to the pediatrician's office.

So download the baby book, and relax in the knowledge that you're getting information you can trust, because it comes from people who know kids best ... pediatricians.

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