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Low Back Pain

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Chronic low back pain is pain that occurs in the low back for 3 months or longer.

Low back pain can limit a child's functional and recreational activities. It can also affect sleep, mood and concentration which can result in poor performance at school and interfere with normal daily activities.

Who is at risk for chronic low back pain?

Low back pain is most common in adults, however, it can also be common among adolescents that participate in sports activities, including repetitive movement or trauma such as football, gymnastics, and ballet. Obesity, poor posture and core stability further increase risk for back pain as well as extremity injuries.

What are the symptoms of chronic low back pain?

Low back pain is usually described as “mechanical” in nature, with increased discomfort and pain during activities such as bending, lifting, stooping, or twisting. Other common symptoms include back stiffness and pain into buttocks and legs, which improve with lying down or resting.

How is chronic low back pain treated?

Each patient and their low back pain symptoms are different and therefore, specific physical therapy treatment will be unique to each patient.

Due to the mechanical component of low back pain, physical therapy will often address core/lumbar stabilization training, core strengthening, body mechanic awareness, postural awareness and stability, and back/leg flexibility.

A home program or return to activity program is also a key component of physical therapy and treatment for chronic low back pain. A home exercise program is strongly emphasized to allow the patient to have more control and understanding for the long term management of low back pain, with the benefits of exercise. The progression of therapy and hope program may further assist the patient to become more involved in community physical activities as per physician recommendations/precautions.

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