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How to Save on Costs

Savings from your health insurance plan don't stop at the check-out window. If you know where and how to look, your plan can help you save even more on medical expenses.

Ways you can gain added savings

  • Choose a health care plan that offers the right level of care for your family, such as access to a nurse advice line, urgent care, emergency services, pharmacy benefits, dental and vision care.
  • Shop for care - research your options on participating physicians and services and make sure that the types of services and treatments you and your family members need are available to you and covered on the plan you choose.
  • Urgent care centers normally have lower out-of-pocket costs than emergency rooms.
  • Check for wellness coverage, some plans cover preventive care services at 100 percent.
  • Some plans offer savings for selecting generic pharmacy drugs when available.
  • Use network providers or obtain an out-of-network referral/authorization prior to going outside of the network.
  • Use your insurance company's preferred lab. Share your plan's preferred lab with your health care provider.  This information can often be found on your insurance card or by calling your member services department at the number found on your insurance card.
  • Some plans offer medical benefits for dental services provided in a hospital setting. Check with your medical insurance plan prior to receiving services. Dental providers will need your dental insurance information.