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Having a child in the medical center can feel very overwhelming, and you may not be aware of all of the services and support available to help you through each day, while you're here and even after you go home. Parents on the Family Advisory Council have all walked in your shoes and we'd like to share some tips and resources we've learned along the way.

You know your child best!
Share your concerns with staff if something isn't right. If you don't feel like you're being heard, ask to see the nurse manager or call a patient representative at 682-885-6698.

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Keep a notebook
Use it to write down questions and information about your child's care. You can get a free medical planner from the Family Health Library. Just stop by, call 682-885-3060 or email

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Child Life specialists are a great resource
Child Life specialists provide play activities and so much more. They can:

  • Prepare and support you and your child for procedures.
  • Talk with patients and siblings about diagnoses, treatment and other changes.
  • Help celebrate birthdays and other important life events.
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There's a retail pharmacy at the medical center
You can pick up and pay for your child's medicines at Cook Children's before you leave. Cook Children's Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the medical center, next to the Emergency Department. It may take a few hours to get your child's medicines filled. If you'd like to pick up your child's medicine before you leave, let your nurse know as soon as possible. Parents need an ID to pick up a prescription.

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You can connect with other parents
Contact us at 682-885-7123 or if you would like help connecting with another parent. Parent mentors at Cook Children's can give you information, support and encouragement.

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Social services are available
You can ask to talk with a social worker for help with:

  • Job, lodging and child care issues.
  • Medical insurance and/or other financial concerns.
  • Problem-solving, community resources and crisis intervention.
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It's OK to take a break
You need to take care of yourself, too. Go out to eat, take a walk or simply step outside for some fresh air. There are lots of areas to relax or enjoy a little recreation on our campus, as well as many things to do in the area. Ask your nurse or Child Life specialist if a volunteer is available to sit with your child.

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You can do your laundry for FREE!
Washers and dryers are available throughout the medical center. Please ask your nurse for the location closest to you. There is no charge for using the washers and dryers. Laundry soap is available for purchase at the Enchanted Castle Marketplace. Please be patient, as laundry rooms can be busy places.

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There are other food options
Camelot Court offers great food choices. But sometimes, you just need something different. Fort Worth is home some of the best restaurants around. Whether it's fast food, kid-friendly, or a quiet dining experience, you'll find a variety of options nearby, and throughout the area. There are a few restaurants in the area that deliver to Cook Children's Medical Center. Prior to ordering, please check with the staff in your area to see if there are any special requirements before ordering in. For a detailed list of local restaurants with a dine-in or delivery option, please see the Information Desk or call 682-885-7451 to speak with a welcome ambassador.

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You can ask for help
There is support available for the whole family, including support groups for parents/caregivers and programs just for brothers and sisters. Ask your nurse, social worker or Child Life specialist for more information. Chaplains are available to provide counsel and comfort for people of all faiths and beliefs.

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There is a lost-and-found
Have you lost something? Our staff has probably found it. Forgotten personal belongings are labeled with the patient's name and stored. Ask for help at the nurse's station. For lost electronics, contact the Security office at 682-885-1047.

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