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At Cook Children's, we believe that all children deserve the best treatment strategies available to manage their illness and maintain good health. Our research environment applies leading-edge scientific knowledge, technology and evidence-based practice to improve quality care outcomes for children.

If your child is in a clinical trial, you may see a team of health care professionals who will monitor and oversee your child's overall health, manage medications, therapies, procedures and lifestyle changes (such as diet), gather information and data and track how your child is responding to the trial over time.

Depending on your child's diagnosis and the type of clinical trial, your child may need to be monitored for months, a few years or into adulthood.

To protect the integrity of the clinical trial, it's important to follow the trial protocols and see your research team regularly. Clinical trials are voluntary and you may choose to leave at any time.

Cook Children's has several departments that participate in clinical research studies. This type of research helps to find new medicines and treatments that are effective in helping children. Because of the research these teams are conducting, our hope is that all kids will have a chance for a healthier life.

To learn more about the active trials at Cook Children's or if you're interested in participating in a clinical trial, visit our clinical researchsite.

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