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Social Services

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Cook Children's Social Services team works with your family to help meet your child's ongoing health care needs and assist you in times of physical, emotional and financial stress. Depending on your needs, we may connect you with one or more social workers.

Social workers focus on your family and work with doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to make sure your needs and concerns are addressed. Our social workers have specialized training and are well informed about available resources in the community.

Examples of things we can help you with include:

  • Meeting with your family and determine if there are resources available for you.
  • Offering emotional support, counseling, and problem solving strategies.
  • Assisting with discharge planning, which includes coordinating the necessary support services for your child to safely return home.
  • Helping the medical center, clinic and other community agencies work as a team with you and your family.

See how our social services team may be able to assist you