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Therapist testing a knee brace

There are many different types of therapy your child may receive at Cook Children's depending on their condition and/or diagnosis. Some of the more common therapists your child may see are listed below.

Respiratory therapists

Respiratory therapists help children whose condition may cause them to have trouble breathing. They work closely with doctors and nurses to treat and educate children and parents about breathing problems. They also offer instruction on breathing exercises. If breathing equipment is required at home, they may teach patients and parents how to properly use and clean the equipment.

Rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapists

Our rehabilitation team includes occupational, physical, audiology and speech and language therapists. A therapist may come to work with your child if they are having a hard time standing or walking, talking, eating, and more.

Cook Children's occupational therapists help kids do their jobs. For kids, that means doing the everyday activities that "occupy" their lives, like brushing their teeth, tying their shoes, playing and learning.

Physical therapists focus on large motor and functional skills to enhance development, restore function and prevent disability from pediatric conditions, illness or injury. This includes help with standing, walking, writing, even running and jumping.

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Audiology, speech and language therapy

Audiologists focus on diagnosing specific types of hearing loss for kids. They work closely with your child and your family, speech pathologists, school personnel, specialists and physicians to create a plan that will enhance your child's functional hearing and help them learn and develop.

Speech and language pathologists evaluate, treat and develop programs and activities to help children with feeding and swallowing, articulation, voice and hearing loss, to name a few. If you child's condition affects hearing, speech and/or language, you may be referred to one or a combination of these therapists.

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Behavioral health therapists

Behavioral Health therapists address the psychological and psychiatric needs for children, adolescents, and their families in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We are equipped to assist children ages 2-17 and their families with a variety of issues ranging from child rearing and development, to adjustment with divorce, or more chronic issues such as mood disorders and abuse/trauma intervention. We also provide therapeutic support, crisis intervention and counseling services to our patients and families dealing with chronic and/or life-threatening illnesses.

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Creative Artist in Residence Programme (CARPE)

This unique program allows patients to express their feelings through art and music therapy. Children gain a sense of freedom and control through artistic expression. It can also help kids improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

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Pain Management

Cook Children's Pain Management team cares for infants, children and adolescents with chronic and acute pain. To improve the quality of life for our patients, we give them the tools to cope with and overcome pain. Some of our therapy options are medications, interventional pain procedures, medical acupuncture, relaxation therapy, guided imagery, biofeedback, hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy. We also teach our patients and families how to manage pain through exercise, diet, lifestyle modifications and sleep hygiene.

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Therapy dogs

The therapy dogs in our Sit…Stay….PLAY program offer more than warm fuzzy hugs and waggy-tailed smiles, they can also provide many benefits including helping patients cope with symptoms, pain, anxiety and medical treatment, as well as improve fitness and promote social interaction.

Meet our Sit…Stay…. PLAY team