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When your child requires surgery, you want to be certain that you are receiving the most advanced care possible from the most experienced medical team. The pediatric surgery team at Cook Children's specializes in many surgical conditions, from simple to the most complex, and many of these procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Why choose a pediatric surgeon?

Experience counts, and the pediatric surgery experts at Cook Children's perform more than 3,400 procedures each year on children of all ages.

Children's bodies are not the same as adult bodies. A pediatric surgeon is specifically trained in caring for patients from birth to young adulthood. When you choose a pediatric specialist, you can trust that he or she understands the very specific needs of a child before, during, and after treatment.

Combining experience with compassion, our dedicated team of skilled surgeons provides high-quality care with the added support of our specialists throughout Cook Children's surgery centers. They work closely with other pediatric experts, like pediatric anesthesiologists, who are dedicated to each child they take care of.

A caring staff

Our focus is on the child and family every step of the way. Our patients recover from surgery in recovery rooms staffed by nurses, doctors and technicians who are specially trained in the treatment and care of pediatric surgery patients.

If your child's surgical procedure is performed as day surgery, you will be able take your child home the same day as surgery. The staff will provide you with care instructions so that your child can comfortably recover in familiar surroundings.

There are situations where the doctor will decide to admit the child to the hospital for an overnight stay or for as long as is necessary to provide the best care possible. Should a child require intensive care, our critical care units are staffed by board-certified doctors who work hand-in-hand with the surgeons in charge of the child's care.

Pain is a major concern for children and their parents. All members of our team are experienced in taking care of pain issues for children and are available to treat pain concerns appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Cook Children's is focused on family-centered care and our Child Life specialists will work with the patient and family to make the experience as pleasant as possible.