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Ask-a-Doc Video Library

Videos from Cook Children's pediatricians answering questions parents have submitted.


Dr. Alice Phillips on preparing for and what to expect at the hospital.
Dr. Carol Mary Brennan on what to expect after your baby is born.
Dr. Ann Natterer talks about what to expect when you take your baby home.
Dr. Kim Mangham on infant safety and CPR
Dr. Vuong Dao advises parents on what to look for in their babies' spit up.
Dr. Heeten Masters describes how to clear a baby's stuffy nose with bulb suction.
Dr. Desiree Harris explains when and how to bathe your new baby.
Dr. Desiree Harris talks about at what age your baby can be in the sun.
Dr. Sara Garza shows how to effectively clear a babies tear ducts.
Dr. Kim Mangham explains how to change a diaper and prevent diaper rash.
Dr. Devona Martin demonstrates the different ways to burp a baby.
Dr. Heeten Masters explains how to clear your infant's nasal passages with a nasal aspirator.
Dr. Diane Arnaout explains the different issues involved with breastfeeding.
Dr. Julia Coutoumanos offers moms an overview on breastfeeding and what to expect.
Dr. Rachel Hamilton explains how to get your baby to latch on properly while breastfeeding.


Dr. Jenica Rose-Stein explains how to teach baby good sleep habits.
Dr. Kim Matlock tells us how much sleep babies, toddlers, and adolescents need.
Dr. Lisa Nash offers great tips for a good night's sleep for kids and parents.
Dr. Christina Leung explains in 3 steps how babies can sleep better.
Dr. James Wheeler explains how teens can manage good electronic and sleep habits.

EpiPen use

Dr. Catherine Hampton explains how to use an EpiPen on your child.
Dr. Eriel Hayes explains how to use an EpiPen Auto-Injector on yourself.

Using a nebulizer

Dr. Michelle Bailey shows parents how to use a nebulizer for young children.
Dr. Michelle Bailey shows teens how to use a nebulizer for self-care.

Inhalers and nasal sprays

Dr. Jason Terk explains how to use a nasal steroid spray in 3 easy steps.
Dr. Brad Mercer shows how easy it is to use a breath actuated metered dose inhaler.
Dr. Brad Mercer shows how easy it is to use a twisthaler inhaler.
Dr. Brad Mercer gives a step by step explanation on how to use a metered dose inhaler.
Dr. Brad Mercer shows use of a breath actuated metered dose inhaler with spacer.
Dr. Brad Mercer shows how to use a diskus, for those with asthma or asthma symptoms.

Eating behaviors

Dr. Hanson talks about how and why toddlers eat differently than a baby.
Dr. Vanessa Charette explains what your baby should eat in their first year.

Medicine taking

Dr. Amani Terrell explains how to help your child swallow a pill.


Lori Payne PNP explains how reading to your child helps their brain development.
Dr. Kathleen Powderly explains why teens are so moody and how to respond as parents.
Dr. Senevy clearly explains how a child acquires ADHD and how to treat it.
Dr. Friedman tells us what to look for in teething babies.
Dr. Kinloch explains how to manage childhood obesity.


Dr. Michael Deitchman lists out the must haves for outdoor summer activities.
Dr. Beth Montigue explains how to keep a child up to 1 year old safe.


Dr. Frank McGehee explains how to remove your child's ear wax.