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With you all the way

With you all the way

Through good times and hard times, one thing stays the same, our commitment to you and your child.

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Cook Children's pediatricians in Mansfield are here to help you with well-child visits, vaccines, illnesses, behavior problems, learning disorders or answer questions all parents have. If your child has a chronic illness, we're here to provide you with a medical home and make sure he or she gets the care they need.

Cook Children's Mansfield understands that parents may have concerns about vaccines. However, the increasing number of infectious disease outbreaks, covered by routine vaccinations, puts our immunocompromised patients at much greater risk of acquiring contagious diseases from unvaccinated individuals. Our end goal is to protect all of our patients, preserving their good health and wellness. Therefore, Cook Children's Mansfield strongly encourages our parents to follow the recommended vaccine schedule. Accordingly, this office may not be a good fit for those families who choose not to vaccinate their children.