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Pharmacy Compounding

Sometimes patients require very specialized medications. Compounding is a way for your child's doctor and our pharmacists to create a prescription designed just for your child.

In children, this may include adjusting for size and/or weight, adding flavoring to help a medication taste better, altering the form of a medicine to make it easier for your child to take, such as changing a pill to a liquid or a suppository. It can also be due to a child's need for a medicine combination that isn't available for children.

Forms of compounding medications we offer include:

  • Oral medications: Liquids, drops, tablets
  • Topicals: Creams, lotions, gels
  • Suppositories

Today, most medications come pre-manufactured in specific strengths and forms. Usually, this does the trick. But one-size-fits-all doesn't always work for children. Here at Cook Children's, many of our patients have unique illnesses, but sometimes the medicines that are manufactured to treat certain conditions are designed for adults. Either the dosage is too much, or the medication isn't tolerated well by children.

In compounding, each medication is made using a using a special formula. Individual ingredients are mixed together using precise amounts of medicine so that it's just the right dosage for your child, according to the doctor's prescription.

Same day compounding

One of the many advantages of using Cook Children's Pharmacy for your child's compounding prescriptions is that we typically offer same-day service. Most pharmacies can take two or more days, and sometimes have to outsource their compounding.

Compounding with flavor

Flavoring medicines is actually a form of compounding. That's because not all flavors taste good with all medications. If you don't match the right flavors to the type of medicine, it can actually make that medication taste even worse. The pharmacists here at Cook Children's Pharmacy are well trained in matching flavors and even creating custom flavors. And that can take the headache out of getting your child to take their medicine.

Flavoring your medication