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Flavor Your Medication!

You don't have to be a kid to know that some medicine just tastes yucky.

It's no fun to be sick. And it's no fun to take medicine that tastes yucky. But if you don't take your medicine, you don't get better. Never fear. Cook Children's Retail Pharmacy is here.

A dose of good taste

As parents, most of us have experienced the struggle of getting liquid medicines in our children instead of spilling them on us and/or the floor. At Cook Children's we understand that, which is why we offer ten basic flavors that can also be blended into custom flavors to help make it easier for kids to swallow their liquid medications. Our flavors are sugar-free, dye-free, casein-free and gluten-free. But they are flavorful, so the medicine goes down a little easier and your child can get back to being a healthier kid, as quick as possible.

Your Cook Children's pharmacist can:

  • Make the medicine taste a little sweeter
  • Help make the bitterness disappear
  • Custom blend flavors just for you
  • Match the right flavors to the right medication to assure better taste

No more yucky face. Cook Children's Pharmacy offers several flavors, and we can blend them to make special flavors, like banana-strawberry cream. Children who pick their own medicine flavor are 90 percent more likely to take it without a struggle.

Find your flavor – Meet the Flavorbot. This interactive tool from FLAVORx lets you know which three of our yuck-busting flavors work best in your child's medicine. Watch in amazement as the wheel spins its way to better tasting medicine!

Putting the "mmm" in medicine

When you request flavoring for your child's medication, our pharmacists will provide you with a list of available flavors, including the top recommended ones for that specific medication. For example, the top three flavors for Claritin® are grape, banana and cherry. For Allegra®, they are watermelon, bubblegum and strawberry cream. The three best flavors for Zyrtec® are apple, bubblegum and cherry. Even though all three of these medications are for allergies, they all taste differently, so matching the right flavor to each brand or type makes a big difference in the taste.

Adding flavors to your child's liquid medicines, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, means more than just better taste. It also means better outcomes. After all, like childhood, taking medicine and getting well should be as simple as possible.

If you have questions about flavoring your child's liquid medications, please feel free to call us at 682-885-3142.