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Helpful Links

Clinical trial forms and documents can use a lot of unfamiliar terms. Below are helpful links to information on volunteering for clinical research studies and links to support groups. Some of the Web sites we recommend are listed below by specialty area.

Clinical research - general information

  • CenterWatch a trusted resource on clinical trial information and helpful resources on volunteering for a research study.
  • Children in Clinical Research provides helpful resources for parents and children considering volunteering in a clinical research study.
  • Community Support Group Finder a free search engine to help connect you to community groups for children with the same diagnosis.
  • a useful tool to find additional research studies by diagnosis, study design, and location.

Hematology and oncology

Gastroenterology and nutrition



For information or specific information on the current studies and programs included on the research website resource page, please contact us at: or 682-885-2103.