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Grants Office

Grants office is part of the Research department and helps connect our researchers with external funding. The grants office also coordinates and manages approved grants and contracts to make sure they follow financial, legal and sponsor reporting requirements.

Before grants are given to researchers, our team:

  • Identifies potential funding sources.
  • Begins communicating with the funding source.
  • Works with Cook Children's employees to help them develop and design projects for grant submissions.
  • Prepares and packages grant proposals.
  • Prepares and negotiates budgets and develops the grant sponsor contract.
  • Makes sure the contract has been reviewed by the necessary Cook Children's staff and has been signed by them.
  • Prepares and submits the final application.

After the research funds have been received, our team:

  • Manages grant accounting and prepares financial reports.
  • Prepares quarterly update reports.
  • Completes final reports once the research is complete.
  • Prepares compliance audits.

For more information, please contact us at or call 682-885-2103.