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Governance Councils

Nursing Model

Coordinating Council: Purpose – To provide a forum for sharing of reports and information among all shared governance councils.

Nursing Evidence-Based Practice & Research Council: Purpose – To act as advising body to promote, facilitate, and evaluate research and publication activities that enhance the practice of evidence-based nursing to improve patient care/outcomes.

Nursing Executive Council: Purpose – To communicate information and coordinate activities among the nursing units and shared governance councils. To develop, disseminate, and implement nursing strategic plan in conjunction with the Cook Children's Medical Center strategic plan.

Nurse Manager Council: Purpose – To facilitate open forum for dialogue between nursing units and other clinical areas, and to develop strategic plans for implementing change that affects patient care.

Nursing Staffing Advisory Council: Purpose – To support the provision of quality patient care in a safe, cost-effective manner by appropriately using qualified and skilled personnel. To solicit and receive input from nurses on the development, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation of the staffing plan.

Patient Services Policy and Procedures Council: Purpose – Ensure that our policies are evidence-based, clinically applicable, and supportive of the mission and vision of Cook Children's Medical Center.

Professional Development Council: Purpose – A collaborative council comprised of multidisciplinary educators committed to facilitation of evidence-based education that supports innovation, learning, mentoring, advancement in critical thinking and professional development.

Quality Improvement Council: Purpose – Committed to monitoring and continuously improving the quality of our family-centered nursing care to ensure patient outcomes that improve the health of every child.

Rewards & Recognition Council: Purpose – Inspire excellence through recognition and appreciation of nurses whose commitment to caring is demonstrated by exemplary family-centered nursing practice that results in improved healthcare outcomes of every child.

Nurse Practice Council: Purpose – Provides a forum for discussion among the unit council chairs, shares and reports information from all unit councils and facilitates communication back to the areas represented.