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At Cook Children's the passion for serving children and their families empowers all of us.

Cook Children's Physician Network gives doctors the opportunity to collaborate and the freedom to practice medicine. Additionally, our group purchasing program PedsPal provides great savings and is open to any physician practice.

Cook Children's Physician Network

The power to change the life of every child in our region–that's what the integration of nearly 300 physicians with thousands of other caring employees brings to North Texas.

Our award-winning medical center with Magnet designation provides state-of-the-art technology to more than 30 specialties and subspecialties. We care for patients from a huge referral area, recording more than one million patient encounters a year through our medical center, neighborhood clinics, primary care offices, specialty clinics and outpatient settings.

The network includes primary care physicians and/or pediatric specialists with offices in Tarrant, Denton, Parker, Johnson and Hood counties. Through the network, Cook Children's has established physician offices in several medically underserved, predominately low-income neighborhoods.

The network also has increased access to pediatric specialty care through outreach clinics in many communities in North and West Texas. Each month, physicians representing pediatric specialties provide services in several areas not large enough to support full-time specialty care including, but not limited to:

  • Cook Children's Medical Center
  • Cook Children's Home Health
  • Cook Children's Surgery Center
  • Cook Children's Pediatric Surgery Center
  • Cook Children's Health Plan
  • Cook Children's Health Foundation

Each thought and decision of our employees is guided by the Promise to improve the health of every child in our region. It's that passion for serving children and their families that empowers all of us who work for Cook Children's.

We welcome you to explore opportunities to become part of our network...and part of the Promise.

Dr. Britt Nelson

Britt W. Nelson, M.D.
Cook Children's Physician Network

Physician recruitment

Why join Cook Children's Physician Network?

Cook Children's Physician Network (CCPN) attracts and retains highly skilled physicians from around the United States and the world.

The management philosophy and organizational culture allow physicians to focus on patient care, while expanding their medical knowledge.

Cook Children's Physician Network is unique because it is Promise driven, financially sound and one of the largest pediatric networks in the country.

"Everyone just works together and they all do it for the kids." - Richard Roberts, M.D., Neurosurgeon

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Our physicians have achieved national recognition for their Neurosciences deep brain stimulation program, and our organization was ranked by U.S. News and World Report for America's Best Children's Hospitals for 2009.

Cook Children's Physician Network is not-for-profit and managed by a physician board of trustees. Physician input is invaluable to our success. For this reason, our physicians are found on multiple boards throughout Cook Children's integrated system.

Physicians benefit from Cook Children's negotiations with insurers to promote fair reimbursement for care, as well as compensation plans to help maximize physician income. Cook Children's Physician Network provides support for real estate management, purchasing and benefits. It also handles management services for clinical and administrative office staff. With this organizational design, physicians can better focus on what they do best–providing quality care for children.

Our physicians receive highly competitive earnings for those dedicated to clinical care and productivity. Opportunities for research and teaching also exist.

Cook Children's Physician Network gives doctors the opportunity to collaborate, the freedom to practice medicine and organizational support and security. By joining our team, you can help fulfill our promise to improve the health of every child in our region.

To learn more about benefits and available positions, please visit our careers section.

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Fort Worth is a thriving city full of today's modern amenities, while keeping its small-town feel.

You will find:

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