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Academic and Medical Education

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Through partnerships with U.S. academic institutions, Cook Children's provides educational opportunities to meet the academic requirements for healthcare staff of the future.

Our staff look forward to passing on their knowledge of pediatric medicine, interprofessional practice, and family-centered care. Utilize the list below to determine the best option for you based on your area of study and level of education. We are happy to serve as your resource in pediatric medicine.

Please note that at this time, Cook Children's can not accommodate requests from residents, medical students, or other health care professionals who are attending or have graduated from foreign academic institutions.
Academic Rotations - Non-Medical School Students**Please be aware, due to the current events facing us, Cook Children's has chosen to significantly reduce the number of student placement opportunities for 2020 and this may potentially continue into early 2021.** This selection
Clinical Rotations - Medical School StudentsThis selection is for students enrolled in affiliated Medical School programs requesting placement with Cook Children's.        
Clinical Rotations - Nurse Practitioner StudentsThe Spring 2021 placement application request period has closed and those applications are under review for selection. Cook Children's is not currently accepting any NEW requests for NP student placements. Due to this, the link you are cur
Clinical Rotations - Physician ResidentsThis selection is for those from affiliated programs seeking Medical Residency placement with Cook Children's.  
Clinical Rotations - Research Medical StudentsThis selection is for students enrolled in affiliated Medical Schools seeking Research placements with Cook Children's.