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Meet Our Cystic Fibrosis Team

At Cook Children's CF Clinic, the care team sees more than patients, we see people who become members of our Cook Children's family.

Headed by our nationally recognized board-certified pulmonologists, our care team includes, CF coordinators, nurses who coordinate routine care and sick visits, respiratory therapists who measure pulmonary function and teach airway clearance, dietitians who monitor nutritional status, social workers who assure the emotional health and well-being of you/your child and your family, and Child Life specialists who develop appropriate education about CF and managing care.

Cystic fibrosis nurses

  • Lisa Boyd
  • Ana Campos
  • Madison Gipson
  • Deborah Davidson
  • Candace Hernandez
  • Juliann Kuykendall
  • Laura Madrid
  • Sharon Pollard
  • Cyndy Roger
  • Jessica Wilkins

Cystic fibrosis coordinators

  • Janet Garbarz
  • Carrie Stradley


  • Esther Giezendanner MPH, RD, LD
  • Rachel Hamik MS, MBA, RDN, LD
  • Nikki Sabia RD, LD

Respiratory therapists

  • Cindy Corne
  • Deanna Pinckney
  • Alex Rasmussen
  • Crystal Thompson
  • Shonda Thompson

Clinical therapist

  • Shira Abramovitz LCSW

Child Life specialist

  • Sara Lang

Social services

  • Stacey Gallegos LMSW
  • Oludayo Jolayemi LMSW

We're here to help.

If you have been told your child might have CF, we know you have lots of questions. We can help. To schedule an appointment, refer a patient or speak to our staff, please call our offices at 682-885-6299. After hours and on weekends/holidays, call 682-885-4000 and ask the operator to page the pulmonologist on call.