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Feeding Therapy

The ability to feed, or eat, is a necessary part of life. But if your child has an illness, congenital, medical or physical condition makes can make something that seems simple, very complicated, Cook Children's occupational therapists are here to help.

What are feeding issues?

Feeding difficulties are pretty common among kids. But feeding disorders go beyond just picky eaters. They can be the result of many issues, including motor skills, such as having difficulty getting food to one's mouth or grasping feeding utensils. Some children can't tolerate various food textures. Still others have difficulty chewing or swallowing food. All of these difficulties impact gaining independence with feeding, obtaining proper nutrition and being able to participate in the social act of eating.

What does a feeding therapist do?

The feeding therapists at Cook Children's will evaluate your child's sensory processing, fine motor skills, postural stability and self-care skills. Once a treatment plan has been created, your child will participate in tasks designed to help him or her develop and progress. If there are swallowing concerns, your child's therapist will collaborate with one of Cook Children's speech therapists to provide a well-rounded plan of care.

Treatment will also consist of setting goals that match your child's level of needs, setting expectations and educating parents on activities that can be incorporated into daily living at home, socially, in school and on the job.

We offer a full range of therapy and assessment including inpatient acute care for children who require complex medical management, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient clinic services.

At Cook Children's we recognize that each case, and more importantly each child, is different, requiring a therapy plan that is designed to help them achieve success and grow toward as much independence as possible.

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