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Teach your child to swallow a pill. It’s easier than you think.

Is your child afraid to swallow a pill or vitamin? Pediatrician Amani Terrell, M.D. demonstrates a way to make swallowing a pill easier for your child.

Meet the speaker

Meet Dr. Terrell

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Hi, I'm Dr. Terrell, and I'm going to teach you how to get your child to swallow a pill. Children as young as five and six can certainly learn how to swallow a pill. And here's a good way to teach your child how.


First, you get a cup of ... I have yogurt here, but you can use pudding or apple sauce, or mashed potatoes or anything that you like for your child that has kind of like a mushy consistency.


And yeah, and then I have a spoon right here. I like to practice with a small piece of candy. So I have an Icebreaker here. But you can use Skittles or a Tic Tac or an M&M.


You want to place your piece of candy onto the spoon and bury it into your yogurt or your apple sauce. And then have put the spoon in the child's mouth and have them swallow it whole, just like this.


It's simple and it's easy and it's a good way to get your child to swallow a pill.