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Obesity and the two headed dragon

Childhood obesity can have long-term effects leading to lifelong health battles in adulthood. Dr. Ramon Kinloch has a battle plan for parents to prevent and defeat childhood obesity. Check out these simple tools to help you tame the obesity dragon.

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Hi. My name is Dr. Ramon Kinloch, and I'm a pediatrician at the Cook Children's Forest Park office. Today I wanted to speak on a few things about childhood obesity. Childhood Obesity is kind of like a two headed dragon. The first head that we like to attack is that in nutrition. So we all know that sugar containing foods is a large part on why our kids are getting bigger. Try to eliminate those and just provide your child and the entire family with healthy food choices of fruits, vegetables, lean meats. So the second head of the dragon which we need to attack is the exercise portion. Now your child does not need to be an all-star athlete for them to get exercise. And we actually recommend that all children get at least 60 minutes of play activity during the day. So those are just a few of the things that I wanted to share with you about childhood obesity, and how you can prevent your child from becoming one of the statistics.