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Teens and preteens, ready to manage your nebulizer?

As someone who has had asthma for over 30 years, Dr. Michelle Bailey knows a thing or two about using a nebulizer. She also knows that if you're 11 years or older, it's super important to know how to put your nebulizer together yourself so you can grab it when you need it. She's here with tips and demonstrations that will make it easier for you to start managing your asthma and nebulizer use.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle Bailey with Cook Children's Pediatrics McKinney. I’ve had asthma for 30 years and you know above everyone else when you're feeling that tingle in the chest, when you're getting that tightness, that shortness of breath or that cough that won’t stop. So for the older kids and teenagers, super important that you know how to put this together yourself so you can grab it when you need it.

We've got our two ends. Plug one into to the machine, one into the bottom part. Get your medicine, pour it inside, screw on the top. Now, the top of this one is different. It's called a T top, looks like a T when we put it together. One side just put on this little extender, the other side you put on a mouthpiece. This one is for the older kid that elementary or teenager and they can just breathe in really deep breaths through this little T tube.

Turn it on. You can see a nice amount of smoke coming through each side when they take a big breath. The smoke stops for a second, that normal. You want to bring in all that good medicine. Big breath out and then keep going. It takes about eight to 10 minutes for the medicine to be all used up. Flick on the side tap on the side a little bit to make sure all that misty medicine comes back to the bottom. After that eight to 10 minutes. You can turn it off and then rinse out, not this little part, rinse out these little pieces with some hot water just to keep it clean. Especially clean the mouthpiece really well.

Thank you so much for watching the video on the nebulizer machine. If you need more information. You can find