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Three summer must haves for outdoor fun

Summertime! It's a great time for going to the park and the zoo. And don't forget backyard barbecues, picnics, bike rides, hikes and evening strolls. But before you head out, there are three simple things you need. Dr. Michael Deitchman is here to tell you what they are.

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Hi, I'm Michael Deitchman and I'm here to talk about what to have with you when you go out and enjoy the summer. So you always want to make sure that you've got some sunscreen, SPF 30 or better. Every child every parent needs to have some sunscreen on. Some bug spray, DEET works the best but there's picaridin, which works really well. And if your child's over three, you can use something called oil of eucalyptus.

A little hydrocortisone cream doesn't hurt to have in the bag or some Benadryl cream in case you do get a mosquito bite or an ant bite.

And then always have some water around. Even just a bottle of water, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just something that you can have if you're getting out and hot and stay nice and hydrated.

And so have a great time out this summer but just make sure that you're prepared.