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Join Cook Children's health professionals as they present Doc Talk, a new podcast series keeping you on the edge of pediatric programs, research, life-changing treatments and the latest news that advances the care we provide to kids.


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Dr. Holly Pacenta in CLZ studio

As Pediatric Congenital Heart Patients Age Out, Where do They Go?

Dr. Pilgrim takes us inside one of the few programs in the nation that bridges the gap to adult care without missing a beat.

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Dr. Holly Pacenta in CLZ studio

Cellular Immunotherapy. Eradicating B-Cell ALL Cancer with CAR T-Cells

Dr. Holly Pacenta takes us into the future of curing and treating pediatric cancer using the patient's own immune system to target the cancer.

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Dr. Don Wilson with patient

Heart Attack Prevention Begins in Early Childhood

Dr. Don Wilson explores why it’s absolutely within REACH for kids with familial hypercholesterolemia. And he has just the program to do it.

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Dr. Daniel Hansen in neurosurgery with endoscope

A Bright Future for Kids with Intractable Seizures

Dr. Daniel Hansen shines a light on endoscopic corpus callosotomy in pediatric neurosurgery.

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3D heart technology

New Dimensions in Pediatric Heart Surgery

Dr. Steve Muyskens explores how 3D is changing outcomes in complex congenital heart surgeries.

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Mom young child

Looking Through the Lens of a Neuro-Oncologist

Dr. Sibo Zhao brings a unique focus on pediatric brain tumors into view.

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Sickle Cell Disease

Unraveling the Complexities of Sickle Cell Care

Dr. Clarissa Johnson discusses today's challenges, risks and treatments and tomorrow’s hope for this global disease.

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Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: An Exceptional Approach

Dr. Paul Thornton and Dr. Blake Palmer lead a lively round-table on reaching clinical excellence.

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Total Therapy XVII

The Incredible Promise of Total Therapy XVII

Dr. Kenneth Heym shares insights on this important breakthrough in targeted medicine.

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Renal Transplant

Pediatric Renal Transplant: A Unique View

Dr. Robert Gillespie and Dr. Blake Palmer take us inside the challenging world of kidney transplants for kids and young adults.

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DocTalk Dr. Acord

Individualizing Cerebral Palsy Care

Dr. Stephanie Acord reveals the importance of early identification of cerebral palsy in improving life-long outcomes for children with mild to severe cerebral palsy.

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Dravet Syndrome

A Rare Look into the World of Dravet Syndrome Research

Renowned neurologist Scott Perry M.D. takes us into the rare world of Dravet Syndrome patients and the exciting new treatments available now and on the horizon.

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DocTalk Dr. McCavit

Transformative Treatments Open a New Era in Hemophilia

Dr. Timothy McCavit, Cook Children's hematologist/oncologist, reveals incredible discoveries taking place in the world of hematology

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Pediatric Stroke

Unique Approach to Pediatric Stroke Improves Awareness, Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Marcela Torres and Dr. Fernando Acosta, Jr. take us on a deep dive into the causes of pediatric stroke and their unique B.E.F.A.S.T. approach.

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DocTalk Dr. Vallance

Targeted Therapy Research Offers Promise of More Cures for Kids with Cancer

Dr. Kelly Vallance takes us through the most advanced and promising targeted therapy research and clinical trials available to pediatric cancer patients.

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