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Doc Talk

Join Cook Children's health professionals as they present Doc Talk, a new podcast series keeping you on the edge of pediatric programs, research, life-changing treatments and the latest news that advances the care we provide to kids.

DocTalk Dr. Perry

A rare look into the world of Dravet Syndrome research

Renowned neurologist Scott Perry M.D. takes us into the rare world of Dravet Syndrome patients and the exciting new treatments available now and on the horizon.

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DocTalk Dr. McCavit

Transformative treatments open the door to a new era in hemophilia

Dr. Timothy McCavit reveals incredible discoveries taking place in the world of hematology and how the latest clinical research is developing transformative treatments .

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DocTalk Dr. Torres

Unique approach in pediatric stroke care improves awareness, diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Marcela Torres and Dr. Fernanco Acosta, Jr. take us on a deep dive into the causes of pediatric stroke and their unique B.E.F.A.S.T. approach.

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DocTalk Dr. Vallance

Targeted therapy research offers promise of more cures for kids with cancer

Dr. Kelly Vallance takes us through the most advanced and promising targeted therapy research and clinical trials available to pediatric cancer patients.

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