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Midland Pediatric Specialties

With more than 60 pediatric medical and specialty clinic offices located throughout Texas, Cook Children's is close by, even when patient families can't make it to our medical center. Our Midland pediatric specialty clinic supports infants, children, teens and young adults who need one-time or ongoing specialty care from across town or across the state.

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Specialty Services


Young baby with heart condition

When your child's heart is broken, you want the best possible pediatric cardiologists available to mend it. The vast technology and expertise available in our innovative heart programs, combined with the depth of knowledge and skill of our cardiologists, gives Cook Children's a superior level of outcomes.

Cook Children's is one of the few pediatric facilities in the nation to offer full-service cardiology care. Our rapidly growing heart center is quickly becoming one of the leading centers for newborns, children, adolescents and young adults with acquired or congenital heart and cardiovascular disorders and diseases. At Cook Children's, our goal is to work closely with our patients, their families and referring physicians to determine the best plan of treatment for the one thing that matters most: your child's well-being.

As part of our collaborative nature, we have access to the full support of a wide array of our pediatric specialties including neurosciences, genetics, hematology and other specialties that might be required to support your child's specific issue. Your child will also have access to state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics with a focus on technology that is minimally or noninvasive whenever possible. And that means giving you and your child the best treatment options and care choices available to repair their heart and help them grow and lead active lives.

Endocrinology and Diabetes

Endocrinologist with patient

Cook Children's Endocrinology team treats infants, children and teens with conditions that are caused by or affect the hormonal balance of the body. We understand the importance of working together and that's how we approach the care of our children.

As part of our collaborative nature, we have access to the full support of a wide array of our pediatric specialties including genetics, hematology-oncology and other specialties that might be required to support your child's specific issue. Your child will also have access to state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics. And that means giving you and your child the best treatment options and care choices available to help them grow and lead active lives.

Our team, comprised of board certified pediatric endocrinologists, certified pediatric nurse practitioners, certified educators, psychologists and other pediatric specialists, creates individualized treatment plans incorporating the latest technological advances in diagnosis and care.


Geneticist with patient

The physicians and staff that makeup Cook Children's Genetics help patients and their families understand the disorders and related recurrence risks.

Genetic tests are done by analyzing small samples of blood or body tissues. They determine whether you, your partner, or your baby carry genes for certain inherited disorders.

We offer a wide array of specialized genetic services, including:

  • Gathering relevant birth, medical and developmental history of the patient, including their detailed family history.
  • Evaluation by a board certified geneticist.
  • Relevant diagnostic testing.
  • Detailed explanation of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options.
  • Discussion of reproductive and recurrence risks.
  • Dietary management for metabolic disorders.
  • Psychosocial support.
  • Referral to appropriate medical specialists and community resources.
  • Communication with the patient's primary care physician and related specialists.

Hematology and Oncology

Hematologist with patient

The Hematology and Oncology Center provides high-quality, family and patient-centered care to children and teenagers with cancer and blood disorders. We also provide access to leading-edge therapies and research.

Childhood cancer and certain blood disorders in children can be extremely rare. And even those that are found in adults require a very different approach when it comes to treating kids, teens, and young adults. Choosing a board-certified pediatric specialist for your child's care ensures that your doctor has highly specialized training both in your child's diagnosis and in treating that diagnosis specifically in children.

Infectious Disease

Dr. Rios with patient

Cook Children's Infectious Disease team is dedicated to providing excellent, patient-centered care, as well as access to the most up-to-date therapies and leading-edge clinical research.

We offer care for children and teens with diseases caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses. Our team provides a broad range of services including diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient consultations, immune deficiency evaluations and treatment of recurring infections.


Dr. Bedri with patient

Cook Children's Nephrology and Dialysis Services uses a team approach to help kids with kidney-related conditions. Patients and their families have a wealth of support available to them from many resources, including specialized nurses, nutritionists, social workers and Child life specialists.

Whether your child needs inpatient care, outpatient care, dialysis or even kidney transplantation, our nephrologists provide continuous care through the entire process. With Cook Children's nephrology, your child will have access to a wide range of medical treatments and technology available at all times.


Neurosurgeon team

When it comes to your child's brain, spinal cord and nervous system, you want the very best team of neuroscience specialists available.

The neurosurgeons at Cook Children's are some of the best minds in the nation, with expertise in pediatric neurologic disorders from the most common to the extremely rare.

Our doctors partner with you, your family and your child to evaluate the need for surgery, provide the best surgical options possible based on your child’s needs, and for follow up and ongoing care to assure that your child has the best outcomes possible. Your child will also have access to state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics with a focus on technology that is minimally invasive or noninvasive whenever possible.

Plus, you’ll have access to the full support of Cook Children's pediatric specialties including cardiovascular, genetics, hematology and other specialties that might be required to support your child's specific diagnosis.

Cook Children’s neurosurgeons are there for you and your child every step of the way. And that means giving you and your child the best treatment options and care choices available to help them grow and reach their greatest possible potential.


Child working on paper

When a child's thinking or behavior is impacted by neurological or neurodevelopmental conditions, life can get pretty frustrating for the child, parents, caregivers, schools–even friends. The neuropsychology team here at Cook Children's is here to help. We work with your child and family to design an individualized plan that will help your child develop their abilities and both your child and family to cope with these challenges.

Our team of neuropsychologists is highly trained and skilled in evaluating the needs of children, teens and young adults. When a child's diagnosis may affect thinking, his or her doctor will refer the child to us. We assess multiple areas of your child's cognition, such as thought, experience and the senses, in order to determine if deficits exist and what is causing the problem. Evaluations provided by our team can help you, your pediatrician, teachers and therapists assist your child in the most effective ways, based on your child's strengths and weaknesses so the he or she can achieve their full potential.


Young child with hand on head

Our psychiatry department helps children, ages 2-17, and their families who are experiencing behavioral, neurodevelopmental and emotional challenges. Our staff is specifically trained to work with young patients and our psychiatrists are board certified in child and/or adolescent psychiatry.

Our treatment team works together to help re-establish the family unit as the most important influence in the child's life. That way, the child's care can be maintained at home whenever possible.

Areas of expertise:

  • Attention deficit disorder/Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Developmental delays
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Behavior issues
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Coping with medical conditions
  • Depression
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Stress
  • Schizophrenia
  • Family issues
  • Suicide attempts
  • Learning disabilities and intellectual delays

Currently, our Midland psychiatry program only sees telemedicine patients.

Pediatric Urology

Urologists with family

Cook Children's has opened the doors to a state-of-the-art pediatric urology center dedicated to treating kids with many different genitourinary conditions.

As part of our new Pediatric Urology department, the Genitourinary Research, Education and Treatment (GREAT) Kids program is led by a team of world-renowned medical professionals with expertise in both common and rare genitourinary diseases and conditions to the children of North Texas and beyond.

Regional Liaison Contact

Deann Tullos

Deann Tullos, RN, CCM
Cook Children's physician liaison for Midland and surrounding areas, Deann Tullos, is available as your comprehensive resource for Cook Children's services. She can assist with referrals, information on services and specialties, complaint resolution, and CME education.

Call 325-374-3685
Email Deann Tullos

Telemedicine Services

With Cook Children's Telehealth and Virtual Medicine program, your patient families can virtually connect to Cook Children's specialists in real-time, without the time and expense of having to travel to Fort Worth. The clinic is staffed with specialized diagnostic equipment that allows our physicians to virtually examine the patient. They can review recent lab work, tests and scans with patient families, just as if they were in the office. Additionally, we also offer telehealth services with dietitians, social workers, psychologists or counselors for patient education, dietary consultations and more.

Telehealth and Virtual Medicine program

Referral Information

Access referral forms for each of our pediatric specialties, or call 432-570-5693 to request assistance. Our specialists work closely with referring physicians to assure that each patient gets the very best care available based on their needs.

Important Phone Numbers for Referring Physicians

Emergency Referral/Admission

For emergency referrals, call 1-682-885-3901

Please have the following patient information ready:

  • Patient's name and date of birth
  • Reason for admission
  • Admission type, such as observation or inpatient
  • Special needs of patient, such as isolation or equipment
  • Patient's medical history

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Referral/Admittance

Refer to our Level IV all-single room neonatal ICU which provides heart rate observation (HeRO) technology, ECMO and hypothermia therapies, as well as integrated cardiac monitoring, infant stroke, preemie care, and other critical neonatal medical conditions.

To refer to Cook Children's NICU, please contact Teddy Bear Transport:

International Referrals

Our highly skilled physicians cover more than 30 specialties and subspecialties which allows your patients to receive outstanding care, all in one place. Our International Patient Services team will review each case and recommend the best treatment plan for a child visiting Cook Children's.

If you'd like to refer an international patient, need assistance or have questions, our staff is here to help at +1-682-885-INTL (+1-682-885-4685).

Quick Reference Guide and Specialty Contacts

For a listing of referral contacts by department you can view, download and/or print our quick reference contact guide by clicking here.

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