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Peak's Tech Zone

Welcome to Peaks Tech Zone!

Peaks Tech Zone

Technology for your child's needs

Cook Children's experts are here to help you learn about ways technology can support your child's care.

Technology is designed to make life easier, and our Health Technology Advocates (Techsperts) are here to walk you through every step. From decisions on choosing the right technology, getting it connected, and syncing devices to scheduling telemedicine visits through your patient portal. Cook Children's wants your technology to connect when and where you need it.

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We're here for you!

Consultations with our Techsperts are available by appointment or referral. Walk-ins are also welcome. Our staff can help you learn about medical devices. We'll also work with on you on choosing and using the right technology for your child's needs.

Some of the ways we can help:

  • Hands-on experience with the actual devices recommended for your child's care.
  • Syncing your technology to devices, apps, and the patient portal.
  • Learn about some of the apps our healthcare team recommends for families.
  • Teaching you all about the world of virtual care and telemedicine.

Once you're comfortable with your technology, our Techsperts are happy to help you learn how to navigate your MyCookChildren's patient portal. The portal makes it easy to manage appointments, prescriptions and communicate with your child's health care team. It's Peak service and support you can count on.

You can also schedule time for us to work with your child. We'll help them understand their device, how to use it, and how it can help them. All at a level based on age and maturity, as well as your doctor's recommendations.

Contact our Techsperts at

Technology you need, when you need it

Forgot your charger or tablet? No need to rush home to get them, or find a store nearby. Our Technology-to-Go kiosk has them, as well as many other items designed to make your visit or stay more comfortable.

Technology items you'll find in our kiosk include:

  • Headphones
  • Portable gaming devices
  • Charging cables and batteries
  • Wearable devices
  • Tablets
  • Along with other technology you may not know you needed

Don't see what you need or have questions? Talk to one of our Techsperts for assistance in finding the right item.

Contact our Techsperts at

Technology can be fun

While you're consulting with a Health Technology Advocate, children can take an imaginative adventure through Peaks the Dragon's World. This 90" touch screen is a completely interactive experience where kids (and parents too) can meet our favorite dragon and his friends, choose their own journeys, even change the scenery.

Our easy-to-use technology makes it possible for kids of all ages and abilities to participate. It's like medicine that "Peaks" the imagination.

Contact our Techsperts at

Ask a librarian for health information

Finding health information you can trust can be confusing and overwhelming. Let us help. A Cook Children's librarian can send you up to date information from reliable sources. Click on "Ask a Librarian" to request information about a condition, procedure, medicine or other health related questions.

Ask a Librarian