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Cook Children's
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Transport Fleet

Cook Children's is home to one of the most advanced transport fleets available. Our transport units include:

  • Cessna Citation Encore+ jet*
  • King Air B200 critical care transport airplane*
  • American Eurocopter 145 helicopter*
  • 6 Specialty/Critical Care ambulances
  • Each are equipped to transport critical care patients and feature pediatric/neonatal specific technology.

Refer patient for immediate transport:


Our Cessna Citation Encore+ jet can fly farther and faster, reducing our response time and increasing our distance so we can get to those patients who are in need of very critical care, quickly. The jet is equipped with leading-edge technology and safety features including:

  • WAAS capability - allows for a precision GPS approach into an airport. This allows us to get into airports that we couldn't before.
  • TCAS - allows for more advanced resolution advisories. The computer tells you whether to climb or descend.
  • Nexrad Weather - gives a satellite picture of what is going on. It will display actual cells with lightning. This allows us to see what storm cells are more severe in nature. We are now able to climb above thunderstorms to go on transports that we would not have been able to go on before.
  • Wind Shear Alert Advisory.
  • Terrain Warning System with a display to avoid towers or obstacles.
  • Average cruising altitude speed is 475 mph.
  • Range before refueling is approximately 1300 miles.
  • We can now fly farther and faster which has decreased our response times getting us to our patients faster.

The newest addition to our fleet of 6 ambulances purchased in 2020 is a custom Braun Chief XL F550 truck. This vehicle has the most cutting edge technology and safety features including:

  • Liquid spring suspension
  • Onboard generator to power all equipment and climate control
  • On board medical air compressor
  • 360 degree camera views
  • Live NetworkFleet monitoring system
  • Power load lift device for stretcher


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All FAA Part 135 aviation services provided by Metro Aviation Inc. in Shreveport, La., which maintains exclusive operational control over all aircraft.