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Outpatient Laboratory Service

Cook Children's Mansfield Outpatient Laboratory specializes in pediatric phlebotomy and are dedicated to making your child's experience as comfortable as possible. Our team of lab assistants are trained and experienced in pediatric phlebotomy techniques and pain management.

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Outpatient Lab services

Pain management

Laboratory procedures can be scary for a child. Our dedicated lab assistants are well trained in pediatric phlebotomy techniques and are skilled in handling the special needs of children. We manage your child's pain by using a variety of age appropriate methods and practices.

How Do We Handle Your Child's Pain?

Sucrose promotes the release of endorphins, the body's own natural painkillers. The action of sucking on a pacifier is also believed to potentiate the effect of sucrose. Infants less than six months of age, who qualify, may receive sucrose analgesia prior to painful procedures.

BuzzyCold vibration device (BUZZY®)
The cold vibration device (BUZZY) incorporates a cold pack with a vibrating mechanism which confuses the nerves at the site where the pain occurs and distracts attention away from the needle stick.

* Contraindications: The cold pack should not be used on patients under 2, patients with Sickle Cell, or patients with cold sensitivity such as Raynaud's Syndrome.

Cold sprayTopical anesthetic skin refrigerant
This method of pain relief uses a topical aerosol anesthetic refrigerant that quickly numbs the area of skin and lessens the pain of the needle stick.

Topical CreamTopical anesthetic cream
Families can obtain a prescription from their physician for an anesthetic topical cream. Lab assistants are not allowed to apply the cream but the clinic nurse or parent can perform the application.

We offer a variety of age appropriate distractions including:
Bubbles, I Spy books, iPad, toys, etc.

Phlebotomy procedures

Heel Stick

For infants under a year, when only a small amount of blood is needed, the lab assistant can perform a heel stick. The heel is warmed with a special gel pouch and then pricked with a special heel stick device. The heel is squeezed gently and blood is collected into small special tubes to be sent to the designated laboratory for testing.

Finger Stick

For children at least a year old, when only a small amount of blood is needed, the lab assistant can perform a finger stick. The finger is warmed with a special gel pouch and then pricked with a special finger stick device. The finger is squeezed gently and blood is collected into small tubes to be sent to the designated laboratory for testing.


When more blood is required for testing than can be obtained from a finger stick or heel stick, a venipuncture may be required. A small specialized needle called a butterfly needle is used to withdraw blood from a vein. The veins most commonly used for venipuncture are in the bend of the arm near the elbow or in the hand. Blood is collected into a syringe or drawn directly into a special tube. Your child's blood is then sent to the designated laboratory to be tested.

Glucose tolerance tests

Glucose Tolerance Testing is performed in the Mansfield Outpatient Lab but requires an appointment.

Important things to know when coming for a glucose tolerance test:

  • You must have an appointment.
  • The patient should not eat or drink anything other than water after 10pm.
  • Drinking water is beneficial because hydration helps with the blood draws.
  • You should arrive 15 minutes early to be registered.
  • You will need one parent's photo ID and your insurance card.
  • The procedure can take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours depending on the doctor's orders.
  • If you are late to your appointment you may have to wait an extended period of time or be asked to reschedule.

Sweat tests

Sweat Chloride Testing is not available at Mansfield Outpatient Lab, but can be performed in Fort Worth's Dodson Outpatient Lab and requires an appointment. Testing can be scheduled for Monday – Friday at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm. To make an appointment at Dodson Outpatient Lab, please call 682-885-1095 Monday – Friday during our regular business hours of 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Sweat Chloride testing has been used for diagnosing Cystic Fibrosis (CF) for more than 50 years and remains the gold standard. For more information, please request an information sheet from our staff or talk to your physician.

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