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IMPORTANT: Please read

Currently, Cook Children’s will only perform COVID-19 testing on patients who are admitted for inpatient care. No outpatient settings will perform this testing including primary care, urgent care or specialty clinics.

If you suspect your child or anyone in the household has been exposed to someone with Coronavirus (Covid-19) OR has fever and cough, please register for a Virtual Visit or call the Coronavirus Hotline for your county.

  • Collin: 972-548-5500
  • Denton: 940-349-2585


Parents and families, as we continue to follow the recommendations from the CDC, if you have an appointment at our Dodson clinic, our urgent care centers, or any of our other clinics or primary care offices, please bring and wear your own cloth face covering from home. Learn how to make your own cloth face covering or mask here. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.

Cook Children's is dedicated to your child's well-being:

To ease any concerns you might have, we're taking great precautions to create the safest environment possible for patients, families and staff. Read about the safeguards Cook Children's has in place.

We are now screening all visitors at our primary care/urgent care building entrance.

Prior to entry, a Cook Children’s staff member in personal protective equipment (PPE) will screen all visitors for COVID-19 exposure and evaluate patient symptoms. If the screen is positive for risk and the patient doesn’t need immediate attention, the family will be asked to return to their vehicle and given a number to call the front desk from their car. The front-desk staff will answer the call and will offer a virtual visit or, if needed, families will be directed to a safe entrance for further evaluation.

A maximum of one primary caregiver will be allowed per patient inside Cook Children’s Urgent Care and Pediatric Specialties. Siblings and other visitors will not be allowed.

Virtual Visits

We have Virtual Visits (Telemedicine) as an option for a visit with a provider. If you would like to register for a Virtual Visit, please click here and register for MyChart, then follow the instructions to request a virtual video visit.

When it comes to kids, anything can happen: a sprained ankle at a little league game, a bad cough, a spiking fever at night, a dog bite or even marbles stuck in the nose. And it usually happens when your regular doctor is unavailable. For times when kids get sick or have an accident, Cook Children's urgent care team is ready to help.

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Urgent care services

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Urgent care services

When your child has a fever, tummy ache, sports injury, odd-looking rash or any condition that needs medical attention fast, our pediatric urgent care doctors are here to help.

Urgent Care Check-In

Urgent care check-in

Urgent Care Online Check-in puts you on our waiting list and allows you to wait at home until your chosen time. Prosper's Online Check-in service is now available.

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Is this an emergency?

An emergency is a medical problem that could cause death or permanent injury if not treated right away. Not sure if it's an emergency? Click here for a listing of emergencies.

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Fees, payments and insurance

  • Fees, insurance co-payment and deductibles are due at each visit.
  • Please bring insurance identification to every appointment.
  • Let us know when there are changes in insurance coverage, address, employment or phone numbers.

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