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Information for School Nurses

School Nurse and student with telemedicine stethoscope

School nurses in the primary and secondary school setting face many unique challenges. Cook Children's School-Based Virtual Health program is designed to help you meet those challenges. Through high definition video and communications equipment, school nurses can connect with a Cook Children’s provider for assessment and treatment.

For school nurse’s currently participating in our program, school-based Virtual Health provides you with advanced tools and technology that enable you to connect with our pediatrician services and transmit images and data for quick, efficient diagnoses. The program tools include a video monitor and camera, as well as a digital stethoscope and otoscope. As part of our ongoing support, you'll find helpful resources below with information about the tools as well as other support documents. We will continually update this page with new resources, so be sure to check back often!

Resources you can share

Below are images and printable PDFs that contain health tips and resources that you can use for your school website, Facebook page and other social media. Great for newsletters and emails for your PTA group, creating posters and signage for school and health fairs, and keeping parents and civic groups informed about health issues affecting your community.

General health tips (Share anytime)

Cardiac arrest and Halloween tips (Recommended month: October)

Cold and flu season tips (Recommended months: November and December)

Healthy eating tips (Recommended month: January)

Indoor asthma triggers (Recommended month: March)

Drowning prevention (Recommended month: May)

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