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Welcome to Prosper

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Prosper family

We're here for your family

And we're here for you. Whether you are looking for urgent, specialty or primary care, our top-notch staff focus on the one child that matters most ... yours.

Our team at Cook Children's in Prosper is thrilled that you and your family are a part of the community! And, we wanted to be among the first to welcome and let you know that we are here when you need us.

Is your family growing?

Check out these informative videos for expectant and new parents.

What to expect at the hospital

How to prepare for the arrival of your baby and what to expect at the hospital.

After your baby is born

What to expect after your baby is born and how to keep your newborn clean and healthy.

What to expect at home

What to expect after you bring your newborn baby home.

MyCookChildren's Patient Portal

Keeping it simple

Life is complicated enough, so we make accessing care and information easy with MyCookChildren’s patient portal. We know your time is limited so you can schedule appointments, find immunization records, keep track of your child’s prescriptions and so much more. Even keep track of more than one child. It’s everything you need clickety split

MyCookChildren's Patient Portal

Pediatric resources right in your own backyard

Urgent care online-checkin

Urgent care

When your child needs urgent care, we are here for you. Schedule online and wait from the comfort of your home.

Online check-in

Primary care

Primary care

We are here to help you with well-child visits, vaccines, illnesses, and to keep your children healthy and happy.

Find a pediatrician

Virtual urgent care

Virtual care

Pediatricians who come to you? Ours do! Connect to a Cook Children's doctor at home.

Virtual care

Specialty care

Specialty care

Cook Children's is the destination when it comes to taking care of children with complicated diagnosis.

Specialty care

Helpful information for you and your family

Newborn center

Newborn center

Whether you're planning your family, pregnant, getting ready to give birth, or bringing your little bundle home, we have answers to questions you may not even know you have yet.

Preparing for pregnancy Pregnancy Childbirth Newborn care

Parent Center

Parent center

Kids don't come with an operating manual. So, when you have questions about your child's health, or healthy parenting, or you're looking for helpful tools, we're your resource for all things kids.

Free health care notebook Conditions and health tips Child safety center MyCookChildren's Patient Portal

For Health Professionals

Checkup Newsroom

Providing the latest in timely, accurate pediatric health care news. The newsroom provides important parenting tips and medical advice from the physicians and other health care providers at Cook Children's.

COVID-19 updates Pediatric news En Español Preeten/Teen news


FREE home safety guide and email tips

Always trying to remember where you put the information for the first day of school, or instructions for medication that the babysitter might need? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with this handy customizable health care notebook.

  • Organize important information about your child’s health and medical care
  • Handy resource for babysitters, caregivers, even grandparents, aunts and uncles
  • Great for doctor and clinic appointments and hospital admissions for kids with special needs.
  • A fantastic tool for older kids as they learn to manage their own health conditions.

Get biweekly news and tips exclusively for North Texas families delivered to your inbox, and get this handy notebook too.